Juveniles, Paris

I had no expectations of the wine bar / restaurant Juveniles because I had never heard of it. This left the possibility of being pleasantly surprised by this cosy little place on rue de Richelieu in the 1st arrondissement.

The extremely warm evening led to the selection of a rosé to accompany the whole meal. I was very glad to be sitting in slightly sticky comfort at our table near the kitchen rather than swapping places with the chefs… they were really on the go and working to earn their keep!

I hesitated about taking the menu du jour as tartare can be a little heavy on a hot evening, but the surprise Asian twist made it a fantastic choice. Congratulations to the chef on the use of sesame oil with tartare. It was a combination that worked perfectly!

The Folles:

Ambiance – 4 – calm and cosy, it has a great wine bar feel.

Food – 4 – the menu du jour was a very reasonable option. The entrée of grilled melon was fresh and light. The sesame oil-infused tartare was a delight. And the crème brulée with caramel sauce was perfect to share at the end.

Drinks – 5 – an extensive and interesting wine list. Given the heat of the evening, we opted for a lovely rosé, rich in colour for a Provence, that worked well with the entrée and main.

Service – 3 – correct and very polite service, but a little frosty for my liking.

Overall – 4 – a nice, authentic little find. Not too touristy, despite it apparently being well known amongst the ex-pat community. Definitely worth a try.


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