L’Avant Comptoir du Marché, Paris

Is it possible to give a restaurant a 5 Folle recommendation simply because of its butter??? After a visit to L’avant Comptoir du Marché, no, make that one second after a morcel of this creamy, salty deliciousness touched my taste buds, it became apparently that it is.

As for the rest of the experience, well, it doesn’t really matter! But let’s just say that L’Avant Compoir du Marché didn’t just have me at hello. An extensive wine selection, (mostly) friendly staff and delicious French-inspired “tapas” makes it a great choice for a fun night out with friends.

But getting back to the star of the show… did I mention that le beurre sits on the counter for you to help yourself? Not sure if the pig theme that has been chosen represents the bar owner’s talent for selecting great charcuterie or the feeling you have as you walk out the door, having eaten like the proverbial…

The Folles:

Ambiance – 5 – crowded, hectic and noisy in a fun way, with a friendly vibe. Everything that Paris often isn’t!

Food – 5 – The food was excellent. Bread that perfects the crusty to soft ratio, high quality charcuterie and home-style cornichons. To go with the butter, of course. And aside from the butter (did I mention it yet?), a slab of boudin noir in a macaron-like shell with sweet jam and the heavenly ham croquettes were my other highlights.

Drinks – 5 – leave educated wine people up to choosing the wine in a bar with a massive selection and the chances are that you’ll score a good bottle. The Chateau Finals Fitou was full-bodied, jammy and a bargain into the mix.

Service – 4 – the only small drawback of the evening was the overly-stressed manager who seemed bent on taking the word haughty to whole new heights. But the other servers were very friendly, and the chefs happy to have a smile and a exchange a word.

Overall – 5 – as value for money goes, you’ll be hard pressed to find better in Paris. A jovial evening was passed by all, and we ate and drank our fill of high quality products, and rolled out of the place with a bill of 23€ each. Enough said. Except that maybe I didn’t mention the butter?


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