Late bloomer

I am 37 years old and only this week for the first time in my life observed flowers blooming. I mean, I’ve seen buds. I’ve obviously seen flowers. But watching the transformation process is something I had never done before.

As European summer took hold, my hopes for any of my plants flowering faded. But then Geraldine the Geranium surprised me. A plant of mine blooming? Really??? I’m usually happy enough if I manage to keep the leaves approximately green.

And so I have watched as these small cocoons have slowly unfurled. Stretching. Spreading. To reveal their beautiful pink centres.

And I think I finally understand the gardeners of the world. This plant is in my care and I have helped her to create flowers. Things of magical beauty. Geraldine and I worked together on this. With a bit of help from Mother Nature, I guess. Credit where credit is due…


One thought on “Late bloomer

  1. I would have liked this text to be longer. The subject is very well introduced and when we feel we are in the middle of it, the conclusion is already there , nous laissant sur notre faim.


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