ManhManh, Athens

After 30 hours of transport, what’s the first a guy wants? A decent feed!

And so we chose ManhManh in central Athens as the starting point of my brother’s culinary adventures in Europe, 2017 edition.

And it didn’t disappoint! Friendly, accommodating staff, a lovely relaxed ambiance and excellent modern Greek cuisine.

And yes, we did manage to eat all of that between the four of us! I guess flying halfway across the world and exploring the Acropolis works up an appetite…

The Folles:

Ambiance – 4 – calm with very pleasant décor, but missing a little buzz for Sunday afternoon lunch.

Food – 5 – the food was sensational. Every dish had an interesting ingredient or slight twist (e.g. deep fried feta with the Greek salad) without being over the top. Imaginative but accessible cuisine.

Drinks – 4 – not knowing Greek wine, I didn’t really know what was on offer, but the waiter’s recommendation was fabulous.

Service – 5 – fabulous service from the minute we walked in parched with thirst and ordered water. Stat! The waiters were friendly, helpful and happy to make recommendations for out of towners.

Overall – 4.5 – an excellent choice to explore modern Greek fare in a pleasant setting with super friendly service.


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